Currency trading, also known as FX or forex (foreign exchange) trading, enables traders to take advantage of increases and decreases in a currency’s value. The foreign exchange market is the most liquid in the world, with a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. Discover the potential benefits of online forex trading with a global award-winning broker.

Trading Currencies

Currency traders, or FX traders, buy and sell currency pairs using a forex broker as the intermediary that facilitates the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

Key benifits of trading forex

  • Massive market liquidity

  • The market is open 24/5 – trade any time that suits you.

  • Low minimum deposits

What is Currency Trading?

Currencies are always traded in pairs, with the first currency in the pair called the base currency and the second called the quote currency. Forex traders simultaneously buy one currency in the pair and sell the other, depending on how they think the currencies’ values will change in relation to each other.

Currency values can be affected by a vast number of fundamental factors that impact the health of a nation’s economy, including inflation, interest rates, government debt levels and political stability. Typically, forex investors find the greatest volatility before and after key economic or political announcements as traders speculate on their potential impact.

Currency pairs are split into three categories. Major currency pairs are the most traded pairs in the forex industry and therefore enjoy the most liquidity. They usually include the US dollar as one half of the pair, like the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY. Other commonly traded major pairs include EUR/JPY and the EUR/GBP.

The minor currency pairs are the less popular combinations that still contain major currencies. They are also sometimes called 'Crosses'. Examples include the EUR/NZD and the AUD/CHF.

Exotic currency pairs are not as widely traded as the majors or the minors. They are composed of a major currency pair coupled with the currency of a developing economy. Some examples that Cabana Capitals offers include the USD/TRY and the EUR/PLN

Currencies Pairs

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